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How to choose the best type of LEARN TO PLAY FLUTE book

How to choose the best type of LEARN TO PLAY FLUTE book

Nov 26, 2019

How to choose the best type of LEARN TO PLAY FLUTE book

You probably recall that last week I explained the reasons why learning to play the flute before learning to read music is super important for your musical development.

However, just like how learning to read English (in an English speaking country) is absolutely essential for getting by in our society, being able to read music is an excellent skill to have that opens many doors for you.

So I've made you a short video on how to choose the best type of "learn to play flute" book.

There are 2 types of books - one's great, and one's just awkward and confusing.

If you're a fluent reader of music already, you could still watch the video because it's handy to know the difference between the two types of books in case anyone ever asks you for advice!

Jane xx

Beginner flute players

Hey there. This video is for flute players that are beginning to learn how to read and how to play the flute. So if you are not a beginner, either skip over this video or stick around to the end of the video, and I'm going to show you how to quickly improve your tone on the flute or watch this video anyway, because it's kind of interesting to see the best way to learn, to read and play the flute and why.

Learn flute fingering first

All right, so often I get asked what's the best beginner flute book to learn with like how to play the flute book. I believe that it's important to learn to play the flute, how to get a sound, how to get the basic notes, play a couple of melodies and a couple of scales, which is like reasonably good before you learn to read music. So I recommend spending a number of weeks, even a few months, getting your way around the flute, knowing how to play with a good sound, knowing your notes basically before you learn to read. The reason for this is not learning to read at the same time as learning how to play is one less thing to worry about, and it doesn't overload your brain.

Learn to read music

All right. So when you are ready to learn to read music after a few weeks, there's two different types of learn to play flute books that you can get. There's ones that if you have a look in the start, the first few pages of the books, they'll start on the notes, B, A, G and sometimes D. Then there are the other types of books that start on B flat, C, D, and sometimes E flat. Now the difference in why they do this and the difference in my opinion about which one is the best to use is this.

Flute note D helps with hand position 

The first one I said that start on B, A, G and sometimes D these are my favourite kind of books to learn to read with, because it's quite simple to go from B, A, G and D is good because it gets you hand positioned good. I consider these the proper books to learn, to read with.

Playing in a band

However, there are types of books to learn to read with that are band methods, and they always start on B flats, C's, D's, and sometimes E flats. These are good if you're learning in a band environment and you are all learning together. So the flutes, the clarinets, the trumpets, everything, you're all learning to play their instrument together. That's good because the notes that I just said, then it means that everyone in the band will be able to play and learn together.

Avoid band books if not in band

But if you are not playing in a band, if you are not learning the instrument in a band, go with the first type that I said, because learning B, A,G and D is good for your hand position, and it doesn't overload your brain as well. So avoid the band version books with the B flats to start with. It's just I like to give your brain the best chance at not being overloaded, which means you learn better and it feels a lot easier.

Recommended beginner flute books

So there you go. The other thing that I get asked is the names of books that I recommend because I'm in Australia, the books I use are Australian. So Off to a Great Start by Mark Walton is my hands-down favourite. It's excellent. Also Lamorna's Beginner Flute Book is really good as well.

Look at first few pages of book

If you are in other parts of the world, you don't need to go and pay like $50 postage just to get one of these books, because there are heaps of good books around the world. Just use that guide. Look at the first few notes that they learn and try and get one that starts with BS, GS, and DS, as opposed to B flats, CS, DS, and E flats. And you'll give your brain more of a fighting chance to get your head around this whole complex thing, which is controlling this instrument and getting a good sound out of it.

Flute school free mini course

All right. That free mini-course that I was just telling you about. I dunno if I told you it's a mini-course, but I've just made it. It's three days of a short lesson each day from me specifically to improve your tone on the flute quickly. If you wanna join me on this minicourse go to small, tiny changes to your flute playing that make dramatic changes to how well you play and how easy it is for you to play. So go there if you wanna join me on those three days of lessons, the mini course. Great. I'll see you there. Bye.

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