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How to fix flute joints that are too slippery

How to fix flute joints that are too slippery

Jan 10, 2017

Flute joints slipping out too easily?

I've had students whose flute's footjoint has slipped right off the flute while they were playing and onto the floor!

And my own flute (actually, my old flute, that got stolen out of a car...) used to have such a slippery headjoint that I couldn't hold the flute by only the headjoint! Otherwise the whole flute went crashing to the ground...

Here's an easy solution for you. Actually 2 solutions.

That's right! 2 easy solutions for the price of 1! (Wait... Free + Free = Free...) I like FREE by the way. I hope you do too :)

Candle wax fixes most issues like these above. And cigarette paper can most of the rest.

"Proper flute technique, explained clearly, is like a magical quick fix!"

I'm Jane, I'm going to show you how to fix a head joint and a body of a flute that is so smooth that they fall apart or almost fall apart. Same thing goes for a foot joint. If you have a foot joint that falls off, which I have seen before. They fall off and they break, or they dent not good. I'm gonna show you how to fix that. There is an awesome way that fixes 95% and it's using my magic candle wax. Then for the other 5% where the joints are so loose, that they don't even really fit. We use my magic cigarette paper.

Okay, so I'm from The Flute Teachers School, which is my business about helping flute teachers and flute players know more about flute techniques to become more awesome and better teachers. Great. I live in Sydney, Australia. This is my view. I have new plants. I hope you like they are Moraes.

If your head joint is so smooth that it falls off, here's the candle wax version. This is basically the opposite of the video that I showed you on how to make the joints really smooth if they're stiff. So you're using the opposite now. So basically you're putting candle wax on, you do two or three stripes to make it stiffer and then you just leave it there. That's it. It's like putting dirt on except candle wax sticky can wax on. So that makes the joint stiffer. Works for the foot joint, too. A couple of stripes down here and put it back on. If that doesn't do the trick entirely put on more stripes of candle wax, I wouldn't go and smother the whole thing in candle wax, because it might get so tight that you just kind of gets grimy. You don't really want that.

If it's so loose, then my other trick comes in, which is a cigarette paper. In Australia, it's well, Tally-ho, Australia's finest. So if you are not in Australia, which is probably most of you, don't go looking for this brand unless you come and visit me in Australia. I'm good with that. Send me an email. Here we go. So if this is really tight, let's say the foot joint, you rip off a strip of this. It's pretty crass, but it works. And there's a nice little fold already in the middle and you shove it on there. And then you put that on and it's really tight. So if my flute is so tight it won't even go on. That fixes very, very loose joints. The only problem with that one is it's a little bit awkward for little kids to do. So if that's the case, they should really get their flute fixed. You can get it resized at a proper flute fixer, or flute repairs and they can resize joints so that it actually fits.

So this candle one, I call it my magic candle. That's to like my eight-year-old students. Then I have then, you know, shoot myself in the foot. I have to explain that it's not actually magic. I just call it that. They're a little disappointed, but they get over it pretty quickly. So there you go. A more stiff joint on your flute is good to stop your flute from falling off the head joint onto the ground and breaking bad. See you later.

Forgot to tell you if you want more tips on technique. If you wanna get more awesome at flute technique, put your email in here and I will email you more stuff every fortnight, which is every two weeks. Plus, this is a chance to show off my view to you. Check this baby out. Try not to drop the computer over balcony, but there you go. That's part of my view. See you.

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