How to quickly fix a tight flute head joint

Aug 30, 2016

Wanna know how to quickly loosen a tight headjoint?

Well, that title says it all really!

Learn the easiest way (in history) to smoothen up a tight flute headjoint.

Without ruining your flute!

I've heard of a few different ways to do this which RUIN YOUR FLUTE! Argghhh! 

This is the proper way, using candle wax...

It'll keep your flute safe (ie unbroken!), and smooth for months.

Want more?

If you want more demonstrations of proper (awesome) flute technique, let me know and I'll be sure to send more vids to you when they're created.

"Proper flute technique, explained clearly, is like a magical quick fix!"

Faster Progress Through Proper Technique ™

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