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How to align flute FOOT JOINT correctly

How to align flute FOOT JOINT correctly

Nov 24, 2020

It always surprises me that some flute players think they are aligning the foot joint correctly, but they're actually not!

How to align flute FOOT JOINT correctly

It might seem like a bit of a dry topic, but goodness me - when they learnt how much easier it is to play with their foot joint in the right spot, boy are they thankful!

So now my question to you is - are you aligning your foot joint correctly??

Catch the short mini-lesson above to find out!

Jane xx

Sets your hands up to be in the right position when foot join is aligned correctly

You might've seen a video that I did about how to align the flute head joint correctly. There are some really nice comments on that video, but something that a few people did say was what about the foot joint Jane? So fair point here is a video on how to align the foot joint properly.

When you've got this aligned correctly, it sets your hands up to be in the right position for your fingers to be able to move freely and quickly.

Faster flute progress through learning proper technique

My name is Jane. I'm a flute teacher in Sydney, Australia and I love showing people the tiny little adjustments to make to their flute playing that makes playing so much easier and sounds so much better. Faster progress through proper technique.

A great example of this proper technique - I made you a free mini course on how to instantly improve your tone. I'll tell you about it at the end of this video, but for now let's talk foot joints. The right way to align your foot joint is this.

Rod needs to be aligned with middle of the key

You've got your foot joint and there's this bar here. This rod, that rod needs to be pointing in the middle at this key, like that. You'll see some people align it like that.

That's totally wrong.

If you can try and play like that, obviously you can barely reach. Now, some pro players have bigger hands than I do, which means that they will turn it away slightly like that.

That's okay too. I always teach people to start with it right in the middle.

And then as they grow or if you're a full-size human with big hands, if you need to shift it forward a little bit, like I just showed you, that's fine.

If it's more comfortable and you can play more easily. No worries. So there you go. That's the starting point. That's where most people have their foot joint aligned and it works really well.

Fingers can move quicker when flute is aligned correctly

The reason it works really well is because it starts to put your hand in a position where you can move your fingers more quickly. There's more to moving your fingers quickly than just having your foot joint in the right spot. And these are the sorts of things that I like to teach.

Instantly improve your flute tone

If you'd like to see an example of how I teach, come and instantly improve your tone on the flute. Come to  You can register here to learn the three tweaks, the three little adjustments to your embouchure that instantly improve your sound on the flute. I'd love to see you there. Otherwise I'll see you next week.

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