Flute Q&A #12 with Jane

Flute Q&A #12: Learning the flute without a teacher

Nov 01, 2021

Here are 5 more of your excellent flute questions in this latest Q&A to help you on your flute playing journey!

In this Flute Q&A...

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Momentum between flute teachers

- Nikki asks: My flute teacher has changed her teaching conditions, price and location, and I have had to stop my lessons. I was preparing for my ABRSM grade 5 exam. How would you suggest I keep up momentum until I can find another teacher ?

The Tomplay link I mentioned is here. (If you use the code FLUTESCHOOL, you'll get 30% off too!)

Double tonguing on the flute

- Bette asks: Are you going to cover double tonguing in The Flute Academy?

The Flute Academy I mentioned to Bette is here 

Relaxing your limbs

- Janis asks: My hands, air, and mouth all relax or tense up together even when they don't have to. How can I get them to be more independent of one another? Thanks!

The 45 Day Flute Transformation is part of The Flute Academy and there is a whole module on how to identify (and remove) tension from your body when you play.

Practising flute with metronome

- Ronee asks: What is the best way to play with metronome. I find it hard to use and find that I often block it out. Especially when playing a new song. It makes me nervous to use this and I find that I make more mistakes by playing wrong notes.

Flute lessons for kids

- Jenny asks: My daughter is 8 and has been playing the flute for about a year with most of her lessons on zoom calls. She has had a problem with her cheeks until she watched your videos. Do you have anything appropriate for her?

The free tone mini-course for your daughter Jenny is here

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