Can you guess these flute video game tunes?

Can you guess these flute video game tunes?

Aug 29, 2023

Can you guess these 4 famous video game themes from the 1980s? The melodies actually suit the flute very well!! See what you think...

Can you guess these flute video game tunes?

If you like video games and you play the flute, let's see how many of these you recognize.

Guess the flute tune

I'm going to play four video game themes. I'm not even a big video game person. Actually not at all. And I know three out of these, three out of these four really well. So it'd be interesting to see what you know as well.

So type in the comments below if you're watching on YouTube, which ones of these four you know.

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Here is Number One. This is fabulous. I think everybody, maybe everybody or most people will know this even if they actually haven't played video games.

So there you go. Do you know it? I think it really lends itself perfectly to the flute. It's got a bit of Latin vibe to it, even though it's a Japanese composer. And it's also because it's from the, I think this is from the eighties. The eighties, not the nineties. I think it's from the eighties.

Electronic flute sound

And if you know, type in the comments below because as you know, I'm not a big video game person. So because it's from the eighties, it's a very electronic sound which suits itself perfectly to the flute because flute is a melodic instrument.

And the old computer video game themes could only play one note at a time, which is a melody as opposed to a lush orchestral melody that doesn't necessarily go well on flute.

Okay, Number Two. Interestingly, this is the same composer as the one you just heard. Do you know this? I don't know this, but I recognize the title. So let's see if you do.

Do you know it?

Gameboy era music

Okay, Number Three. Number Three. I'm sure you are going to know this. This is actually also a traditional Russian melody, so I didn't know that until I looked this up. I used to play this game even though I'm not into video games. I used to play it. Maybe you did too. It's from the Gameboy era.

Do you know it?

Okay, Number Four, let's see if you know this one. I almost said it. Luckily, hopefully that's not actually a giveaway. Okay, that's not the proper title of the video game. It was just the scene.

Anyway, do you know this one? I actually think it sounds better up the octave on the flute.

Free tiny flute course

So let me know which of those four themes you know by replying in the YouTube comments. If you would like to improve your flute sound, instantly, literally instantly, join me at and come and do the tiny course. I'll show you the three tweaks that instantly get you a stronger sound.

Nice to, I was about to say. It's nice to meet you. It's nice to see you, see you today. Good luck with those themes and I'll see you in the YouTube comments. Bye.


Here are the answers!

1. Super Mario Bros by Koji Kondo
2. Legend of Zelda Theme by Koji Kondo
3. Tetris - Traditional Russian Song by Hirokazu Tanaka
4. Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone) by Masato Nakamura

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