Australian melodies on the flute

Australian melodies played on flute

Jan 23, 2024

Can you guess these 4 Australian songs played on the flute?

Australian melodies played on flute

 Welcome to guess the tune on the flute. The theme today is Australian. So I'm going to play 4 Australian tunes, and I want to see if you know any of these.

So I'm Australian, I'm Jane Cavanagh. I teach the flute in The Flute Academy, where I teach students, adult students online just like you, how to get faster progress through learning the tweaks of proper flute technique.

So let's see if you know any of these fours. One of them is famous worldwide, so I'm pretty sure that even if you're not Australian, you're going to know one of these in particular. So let's see if you do.

All right, Number One, let's go. Okay, this is the one that I think you'll know, because I'm pretty sure it was famous internationally. But do you know the band name?

Do you recognise that? If you don't, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it wasn't a hit internationally, but let's see if you do.

Okay, Number Two. Oh, by the way, if you want to improve your tone on the flute, if you want to get an instantly stronger sound on the flute, join me for free at www flute school and come and do the 3 day tiny course where I show you a tweak each day, and it instantly improves your sound a bit every day, sometimes a lot every day.

Okay. Number two, do you know this? Some people think this should be the national anthem of Australia. It's not but I know there's people who think it should be.

So if you know what that one is, and if you're watching this on YouTube, put in the comments below and we'll let you know if you are correct.

Okay, Number Three is this one.  Actually, this is one of my least, I was going to say this is one of my least favourite songs. I probably should say it differently. I have heard this song so much through the 90's that I'm kind of sick of it.

However, it was rejuvenated lately because at the start of 2023, which is this year when I'm recording this, I went to see Harry Styles play in Sydney, fabulous concert. This song was played at the end, sung by the artist who played this in the 90's, who sang this in the 90's. He came on stage and it really rejuvenated it for me. So nowI love it because it was just such an Australian moment from the 90's.

Do you know that one? You might know the name of it. Maybe you know the compo - I was gonna say the composer, the artist, so the band.

And the fourth one, this one gets played, in fact, I have played it at citizenship, Australian Citizenship Ceremony. Oh, by the way, I have wattle. It is wattle season in Australia, well, in Sydney. It is wattle season. Wattle is the national flower of Australia. So there you go. Perfect background for this theme.

So this one, this piece Number Four, is played at citizenship ceremonies throughout Australia quite commonly. It's a great song, a fabulous melody. Everyone loves it. I think. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I love it.

So if you know the title of this or maybe you know the band that wrote it, put it in the comments below. If you're on YouTube if you've gotten this as an email, you can just reply to the email if you like. And don't forget, if you want to instantly get a stronger, clearer flute sound, join me at www flute school for free. See you later.

Here are the answers! How many did you get right?

1. Down Under by Men at Work

2. Waltzing Matilda

3. Horses by Daryl Braithwaite

4. I am Australian 


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