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Weirdest (But Awesome!) Way to Get Low C to Eb SUPER SMOOTH

May 07, 2018

Have you or a student ever struggled to get low C to Low Eb SMOOTHLY? That right hand pinky just seems to get stuck right? Here's the weirdest, but most awesome way to fix all that - in about 5 seconds!

If any of these little pieces of advice are going to be called quirky, this one takes the cake. This is quirkiness to the max.

When you or your student playing along and you need to play from Low C to D sharp quickly and you find that this sliding action is really stiff. There is a fix, and it's this. Smudge onto the key and away you go. Now, apologies if you find this a little gross, but don't knock it till you try it, give it a go. And if it works for you, you'll probably start telling people yourself. The best bit about this is if you watch an orchestra play and you know what they're playing, and you know, there's something coming up where the flute player has to do an exposed C to E flat C to D sharp. You watch them and they'll just casually in their rests. You won't think anything of it, the audience doesn't think a single thing, and they're just buttering up their little finger to make it easier for them to play. So it's a really discreet way of improving your technique.

Hope you enjoyed that one.

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