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Faster progress through proper technique


Transform your flute playing in 45 days, without the overwhelm!

Yes, please!

You probably already know that it takes time and practice to improve your flute playing...

You no doubt have also experienced that it's not only the practice that makes you improve - it's learning the right technique.

Meaning, I'm pretty sure you've been in the situation where you've been given tips that make playing the flute easier. You've likely also received tips that don't do anything for you (or your playing!)

I get it. The rollercoaster of conflicting information can be really confusing.

And time-consuming.

Here's what you might not know

Learning the right techniques, the right way, means you can:

Never feel frustrated again

You know that frustration (or that overwhelm) that you sometimes feel? When you learn with proper technique, that feeling disappears. Completely.

Consistently play with a clear tone

Imagine having a strong, reliable, sound. And feeling like your lungs have doubled in size, taking you through long, beautiful phrases without running out of air.

Play high notes with ease

Imagine never having to force out high, screechy notes again! What if scaring away the cat, the children or the neighbours was replaced with soft, controlled, sweet-sounding high notes?

Have lightning fast fingers

Imagine being able to play fast passages and scales with swift, accurate fingers!

Play with musical expression

Imagine having the ability to express yourself easily and freely through your flute playing. Well, proper technique is the foundation of this expression.

Is it taking you longer than you expected to learn the flute?

Perhaps when you first picked up the flute (either recently, or years ago), you thought “This is such a lovely instrument, I’m going to commit to it, put in the practice and be playing my favourite music before I know it!”

Then you proceed to spend the next few weeks, months or even years diligently practicing.

"Spinning your wheels"?

But your sound is still frustratingly fluffy. Your high notes are still ear-piercing (or non-existent), and your fingers feel slow and clunky. And you still run out of breath so fast!

You realise that it must be either because you don't know what to practice or because you're practicing the wrong way!

You decide, in a flash of inspiration, to get resourceful, so you YouTube as many flute videos as you can find.

And then comes the overwhelm...

You can feel it starting to creep up on you.

Despite this, you're determined to practice. And the weeks pass...

And then the frustration sets in.

You begin to lose hope in yourself

Deep down, you know you've got potential.

But a little bit of your enthusiasm has started to fizzle. And your hopes and dreams of mastering the flute are in danger of fading.

The 3 Myths that are Killing Your Progress

You've been told you just need to practice more

This is false.

If you're not improving, then the truth is you're practicing the wrong thing, not practicing too little!

It's only when you experience the feeling of sudden improvement, that you realise it's about learning the proper techniques that make playing so much easier.

So much better than diligently practicing the wrong thing all because you thought you were supposed to, right?

It's all about practicing smarter, not harder!

You think you're not that talented

Lies lies lies!

You are far more talented than you realise.

Playing the flute is not a natural skill. No one is born being able to play!

It's a skill that when broken down into small, digestible techniques is actually very learnable.

When these fundamental skills are learnt in the right order, and in the right way, anyone can master the flute.

I see it happen all the time with my students.

You think you must need a more expensive flute

Of course, you need a flute that actually works...

But, did you know that whenever you hear a good flute player, 95% of what you hear is them, the player!

And the other 5% is the quality of their flute.

When you're an elite player, you do want to spend thousands of dollars on your instrument to get that extra "cream on top".

But when you're still learning your craft, it's so much wiser to spend your money investing in yourself to get as much out of a student flute as you can.

But what if you had a masterplan?

What if you had an exact, step-by-step process that showed you how to implement the proper techniques that transform your playing?

Imagine no more confusion, no more overwhelm and no more frustration.

You just had to follow the path to consistent, reliable playing...


The Flute Academy

A 45 day masterplan to transform your flute playing, without the overwhelm.

Finally be able to feel and hear that you're on the right path.

Start revealing your flute-playing potential (that we both know you have!) by learning the right techniques, explained in the right way.

What will you learn in The Flute Academy?

Every day, in a 5-10 minute video with Jane, you will learn a new precise technique and an easy-to-follow exercise.

Each lesson is designed to teach you the new skill in a way that is focused on you genuinely feeling how much (and how quickly) it improves your playing.

This is what you will learn...

Module 1: Embouchure

(Days 1-3)

By the end of this first module, you'll be well on your way to improving your tone quality. You'll have the understanding of correct embouchure placement and you'll be able to hear a difference in your sound immediately.

Highlights include:

The Golden Rule

On the very first day, I teach you the mindset that all excellent flute players have used to achieve their playing goals.

Embouchure technique

On Days 2 and 3 you learn the exact 13 tiny steps to take to improve your embouchure (which means improving your tone!)

Module 2: High Notes

(Days 4-8)

During this module you'll learn how to apply the real way of playing high notes to the entire range of the flute, making high notes not only easier, but sound a lot sweeter!

The technique you learn here will benefit you for (literally) the rest of your flute-playing life.

Highlights include:

High note control

On Days 4-6, you'll be learning the exact exercises that teach your embouchure the correct "high note habit" that shifts your playing up to a more advanced level.

Higher and Higher notes

On Day 7, we start applying your new high note ability to higher and higher notes. You'll feel what it's like to make genuine progress with your high notes.

Module 3: Stability

(Days 9-16)

By the end of this module you will have learnt how to take advantage of the flute's natural stability. The benefits of doing this are: Faster fingers, reduced (or zero) hand or arm pain, fuller breathing, and stronger tone.

Highlights include:

The fastest way to eliminate tension

Day 10 shows you the most effective way to eliminate tension in your shoulders and arms when you play. (This affects, not only your comfort level, but the speed of your fingers!)

Posture with advantage!

On Day 13, you start to learn an often overlooked, yet critical approach to flute posture. You'll learn how to hold the flute in a particular way which gives you a "tone and technique" advantage.

Module 4: Tone

(Days 17-23)

By the end of this module, you will be an expert at The Magic Tone Exercise. The technique that you learn in this exercise is exactly what the pros use to get (and keep!) their strong, vibrant tone.

Highlights include:

The path to a resonant sound

During this series of 7 lessons, over 7 days, I teach you The Magic Tone exercise. You'll learn the exact steps to take to get yourself a strong, resonant tone on the flute.

The "Illusion of Forte"

You'll learn how the best flute players actually give the illusion of playing loudly. When you learn this technique, you'll notice you actually need less air to play with a strong sound, not more!

Module 5: Tension and Pain

(Days 24-27)

You'll learn how removing tension from specific parts of your body has a rather incredible effect on your playing. This module is a 4 day process that shows you how to:

  1. Decrease (or eliminate) PAIN when you play.
  2. Free up your BREATHING.
  3. Improve your TONE even further.
  4. Speed of your FINGERS.
Highlights include:

Troubleshooting pain

To start with, we work out why you have discomfort when you play, where it's coming from and how to fix it. An extremely valuable lesson!

The fundamentals of faster fingers

On Day 27 you'll learn the amazing exercise that is specifically designed to remove tension from your arms, remove pain from your neck (and as a side-effect, will speed up your fingers!)

Module 6: Breathing

(Days 28-31)

By the end of this module, you will very likely feel like your lungs have doubled in size. In actual fact, you will have learnt how to use your air efficiently. You will be playing longer phrases than you ever have, and might not recognise your own playing!

Highlights include:

Instantly "bigger" lungs

To start, on Day 28, you learn the 3 fundamental breathing concepts that give pro flute players the ability to play very long phrases.

Proper flute breathing

On Day 31, you'll learn the exercise that shows you first-hand how to breathe in the most effective way for flute playing.

Module 7: Faster Fingers

(Days 32-36)

In this module, I'm going to teach you the simple 4 day process of speeding up your fingers. Day by day, you will learn the cause of slow or clunky fingers, and of course the exact steps you take to fix them.

By the end of this module, your fingers will feel lighter, more fluid, and quicker.

Highlights include:

Telltale signs of hand tension

Day 32 teaches you how to identify the 3 signs of hand tension that is stopping your fingers from working at top speed!

4 steps to faster fingers

On Day 33, you'll learn a pro practice technique that will change the way you practice forever - because it is just so effective at speeding up your fingers!

Module 8: Tonguing

(Days 37-42)

By the end of this module, you'll understand the finer points of correct tonguing position and mechanism. You'll learn how to implement it into your playing, and you'll be able to feel (and hear!) your tonguing become much clearer, more precise, and a lot quicker.

Highlights include:

Tongue troubleshooting guide

This is one of my favourite lessons. You'll see a demonstration of 7 types of incorrect tonguing, how to diagnose your own tonguing issues, and the steps to take to fix them!

Crystal clear tonguing

On Day 40 and 41, you will learn the counter-intuitive exercise that instantly makes your tonguing clearer. This is a fun (and satisfying!) exercise because it clarifies your tonguing surprisingly quickly.

Module 9: Expression

(Days 43-45)

In this final module, you will learn how good technique is the tool that allows musicians to express themselves through their playing.

You'll have the opportunity to add in vibrato to your playing, and it's time to celebrate joining the club of good musicians that have the ability to express themselves musically because of their fundamentally good technique!

Highlights include:

Vibrato and expression

On Day 43, you'll learn how to genuinely express yourself in your playing, and start to feel the beauty of how your new technique allows for free musical expression.

How far you've come!

On the final day of the academy, we get to compare yourself to Day 1. You will be surprised at what you can now do that might have seemed impossible, just 45 days ago!

> Progress Points

After every module, we review your progress! I show you how to work out how much you're progressing and how to actually take note of improvements that you might have missed.

Example Progress Point

For each Progress Point, you get to come with me on a little outing to some of my favourite places in Sydney.

Example Progress Point

At each (fantastic!) location, we review your progress of the module you've just completed.

> Optional advanced lessons

The Flute Academy also includes 14 advanced lessons. If you are a more advanced player, you can complete these "extension" lessons and exercises which will see you achieve even more with your playing.

Highlights include:

The holy grail of embouchure flexibility

In the Day 30 advanced lesson, you'll see (and experience) how embouchure flexibility allows more advanced players to have total control and freedom over their playing.

The subtle "zone"

In the Day 36 advanced lesson, you will learn about the strange subtle feeling in your hands that is the key to speeding up your fingers beyond what they’ve ever been able to do before.


Real people. Real results.

When you join The Flute Academy, you're joining hundreds of flute players around the world who have transformed their flute playing.

People that are just like you.


Learn the 4 techniques that accelerate your progress!

This bonus workshop shows you how to practise smarter, not harder.

You'll learn the specific techniques that make 15 minutes of practice give you faster improvement than days of your usual practice!


The Complete Flute Player's Troubleshooting Guide

This interactive guide shows you the clear solutions to what is causing you difficulty in your playing.

Simply select your problem, then follow the path to any of the 41 common flute playing problems and watch a short video on how to fix it!


Myth busting session

This bonus session sorts the fact from the fiction of what you're "supposed" to be practising on the flute.

We debunk 5 commonly believed (and damaging!) flute playing myths.

👍🏻 You'll get this bonus Workshop, Troubleshooting Guide and Myth Busting session as part of "The 5 Day Breakthrough" (which is included when you join The Flute Academy!)

Jane's guarantee

During The Flute Academy, you’re going to learn the incredible fundamental skills that teach you genuine progress on the flute.

I guarantee that you will feel (and hear!) that you're on the right path within a few days.

If you don't, just let me know within 2 weeks of your purchase, and I will gladly refund your purchase.

That's how much confidence I have in us both!

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