Are you 100% positive you're teaching a beginner EVERYTHING they need to know?

Do you find that some of your beginners just never really get that great at the flute?

Do they ever struggle to:

  • Play with a good sound
  • Have enough air
  • Tongue notes clearly

Perhaps you've even thought they're a bit lazy because they rarely practice or have terrible posture?

Or have you ever secretly wished that you had more musically talented beginners come to you to learn?

Here's the truth...

The truth is not everybody knows everything.

So if you accidentally skip something critical when teaching them, firstly, you're only human.

But secondly, no one is born a great flute teacher.

I certainly know that when I started teaching (at the age of 16 - yikes!), there's NO WAY I could have produced an excellent student.

You no doubt can appreciate that it takes time to become a skilled teacher.

But in fact, time, by itself, isn't enough.

It takes the right teaching skills...

To be able to transform a beginner student into a good little flute player, it takes the right teaching skills.

And you've got to learn those skills from somewhere. (Even though it would be nice to be born with skills!)

It took me years of study with world-class flute teachers to learn the techniques that I now pass on to my beginner students.

And it has been such a relief (and quite exciting) to see every beginner student start to excel.

Imagine being able to give every student EVERYTHING they need to get good at the flute.

Introducing a very unique course:

How to Teach an Absolute Beginner

Of course you know that teaching a beginner is more than just "where to put your fingers and how to get a sound"!

But how would you like to learn how to transform your teaching so that every single beginner you teach becomes a good flute player?!

If I sound excited about teaching the flute, it's because I am.

My name is Jane Cavanagh and I have been a professional flute player and teacher for over 20 years.

I wholeheartedly believe that a student's awesome progress on the flute is about more than saying "You just need to practice more!!"

I thrive on showing flutists how small (and smart) changes to technique makes playing and teaching the flute not only easier, but totally amazing.

This strategy is at the heart of how I teach.

(You can read more about me here)

What's in the course?

This course is a step-by-step guide, and shows you EXACTLY what to teach a beginner in their FIRST 10 LESSONS with you.

Each of the 52 SHORT VIDEOS takes you through a complete set of small but critical steps.

By the end of the course, expect to be able to transform any beginner student into a real musician, with excellent foundation skills.

Here's what's in each lesson...


You're first going to learn the 3 ways to start realising the true potential of each and every one of your students.

When I learnt this and started applying it, it was shocking at just how much it influenced my teaching (and the students!).


You'll get a student to want to look after their flute. They'll become a student who wouldn't dream of accidentally dropping their flute!

Better still, their flute will need far less servicing, and work perfectly for much longer!

You'll learn exactly how to establish a good embouchure for them. Which means they get a great sound right from the start. 

You'll learn how to "achieve the impossible" - getting them to WANT to practice every day. I know, right. It makes such a big difference when you do this!


You'll learn 10 rather profound helpful hints to get your student playing their very first note comfortably.

Then I teach you which parts of a student's hands should take the weight of the flute. There's a bad way (which is uncomfortable), and there's a pro way...

Learn the easy way to establish good posture early on. The student will thank you later in their life for teaching them how to avoid pain and injury!

LESSONS 21 - 29

These lessons show you how to develop their ability to "play by ear" - an amazing skill that is often overlooked by teachers.

They'll also be able to change notes with dexterity and speed - without feeling like they're going to drop their flute. (eg between C and D!)

They'll know how to really CONTROL changing octaves, and start playing higher notes with ease - a skill that is verrry helpful later on.

LESSONS 30 - 37

Here you learn how to accelerate a student's learning. It will seem like they've been playing for months, not weeks!

By this stage they will be loving practicing at home regularly, which speeds up their learning even further.

You will learn how to get them genuinely comfortable at performing - a benefit that will stay with them forever.

These lessons are a pretty exciting stage for the student because they are beginning to realise they are really playing the flute.

LESSON 38 - 42

I show you the 4 simple steps to teaching your student to tongue clearly.

And you'll learn how to teach someone the first stage of excellent breathing.

Plus you'll discover the exercise that is my "little secret weapon" for getting a beginner to instantly sound more "professional" when they play.

LESSONS 43 - 52

There are so many students who slip through the cracks and never actually get taught a good sense of rhythm!

So I must show you the amazing 5 step process to giving a beginner an excellent sense of rhythm.

This skill will lead them onto being able to read rhythms accurately, subdivide and play like a real musician!

Who is this course for?

Firstly, if you think you know everything about teaching and playing the flute, then this course is NOT for you!

Also, if you consistently produce amazing flute students, who you think really could not be any better, then you probably don't need this course. (And good for you!)

If you teach ANYONE how to play the flute

If you teach anyone how to play the flute, and you think your students deserve to have a more amazing teacher (you!), then definitely keep reading...

I believe that a person's natural teaching style can be seriously enhanced by having exact techniques that are guaranteed to work with students.

I have tried out the techniques in this course (hundreds and hundreds of times) on both young and old students. And I've seen, over and over again, how their playing, their enjoyment and their discipline just SKY-ROCKETS.

You'll be able to charge more for your lessons

Because you'll be a genuinely better teacher!

I invite you to come and join the course.

$217 is a tiny investment compared to the benefits you are going to get as a teacher.

If you apply the teaching techniques in this course to your students, I guarantee you will be able to charge more for your lessons!

And that has just paid off the cost of the course!


Money Back Guarantee

I truly want you to see your own potential as a flute teacher. And I believe you will get there...

If you don't see solid improvement in your beginner students, I want you to have your money back.

So at any time within 60 days after purchase, just let me know, and you'll get a refund.

That's how much I believe you'll succeed.

The secret to teaching beginners

I would love to show you how to become an excellent teacher of beginners.

Remember, this is your chance to get it right, and set your new students up for a life of outstanding (and enjoyable) flute playing.

Jane xox