Who's really in control when you play the flute?

Are YOU in control?

Or does the flute seem to have a mind of its own sometimes?

You know what I mean...

When you're playing along, and you think you're going to play a high-ish note, but it just doesn't come out the way you intended!

In other words, you just don't really feel totally in control of jumping around between low and high notes on the flute...

Do you find it hard to:

  • Be totally in control of your high notes?
  • Always be able to play in exactly the register you want, when you want?
  • Play with a consistent, sweet sound (even up high)?
  • Play for a long time without ever getting a tired mouth?

Here's the truth about embouchure technique

Most players don't know about a tiny embouchure technique that makes a huuuuge difference to your ability to control your playing over the whole range of the flute.

Not only do most players not know about it, but most teachers have never learnt about it, so don't even know to teach it!

Who am I?

If I sound excited about teaching the flute, it's because I am.

My name is Jane Cavanagh and having travelled the world learning the flute, I now live and teach in my hometown of Sydney, Australia. 

I love the efficiency of knowing how small changes to someone's flute technique makes a huge difference to their playing!

They are skills that I have learned while teaching and playing the flute professionally for over 20 years. Read more about that here.

What's in the course?

Learn the tiny skill that gives you complete control over your embouchure!

Each of the 19 lessons is short (around 5 minutes) and super clear.

The course is structured so you can complete it over 5 days. That way you have time to really comprehend and try out the techniques.

(And because there's nothing worse than brain-overload!)

The Modules

After doing the 3 STEPS TO GAINING CONTROL module, expect to be able to:

  • Change octaves smoothly, with precision and with total control.
  • Know that this is the very beginning of having total control over all your playing, not just your octaves.

After completing EXTENDING YOUR RANGE OF CONTROL, you'll have learnt:

  • How to control your octaves over the whole range of the flute 
  • The amazing strategy of awareness, and how to use it to your advantage to learn a new technique fast.

The EXERCISES module:

  • Takes you step by step through how to implement your new skill into your day-to-day playing.
  • Learn why memorising an exercise (even a simple one) will fast-track your learning.
  • I'll show you how you can still make (almost as fast) progress without memorising a thing!

The BENEFITS module shows you:

  • The 4 massive changes you can expect to your playing from learning this new skill. 
  • Before & After demonstrations of each of the benefits.
  • This module is where you'll see the control that you can achieve in your playing - in action!


Sometimes when you're a high achiever (which you most likely are, even if you don't think so!), you expect to be able to do everything right - first go!

This module, called IF YOU'RE STRUGGLING, is especially for anyone who wants an extra helping hand through incorporating a brand new skill into their flute playing, which can seem overwhelming to some (high achieving!) people.

Why only $117?

The Flute Teachers School (that's me!) shows you how to master very specific flute techniques. In other words, how to fix your (or your students') flute playing issues really quickly.

The amount of expertise that goes into each short course is a lot! Like, years and years of knowledge.

Which made me realise the serious value of it.

What is the value of the course?

I worked out that this course is equivalent to going and taking 13 flute lessons.

At $80 per lesson, you're talking about $1040. Yikes!

But I still wanted the course to remain affordable to everyone...

So, $117 is still within the reach of a flutist who is serious at wanting to be able to gain total control over their embouchure, sound and flute playing.

- Prices in US dollars -

Money Back Guarantee

I truly want you to see your own potential as a flute player or teacher. And I believe you will get there...

If you don't see solid improvement in your flute playing, I want you to have your money back.

So at any time within 60 days after purchase, just let me know, and you'll get a refund.


Secrets of good flute playing

I wholeheartedly believe that a student's awesome progress on the flute is about more than saying "You just need to practice more!!"

I thrive on showing flutists how small (and smart) changes to technique makes playing and teaching the flute not only easier, but totally amazing.

This strategy is at the heart of how I teach.

I would love to show you how to quickly become the one in control of their own playing...

Become someone who can easily sound great over the whole range of the flute with confidence!

Jane xox

Yes, I want LIFETIME ACCESS to Getting Control of Your Octaves