Do you know the 17 mistakes commonly made by reed players when playing the flute?

How CONFIDENT are you with your flute playing?

Have you ever noticed that good flute players seem to be able to control their breath, play with a clear sound, play without being in pain, and just generally be able to play the flute better than many doublers?

I can tell you for sure, they are not born being able to do that.

And if you think about it, it just wouldn't make logical sense that all reed players are just "naturally a bit bad" at the flute.

Read on...

When practicing the flute, do you ever struggle to:

  • Produce a strong, clear sound?
  • Play for a long time without getting pain in your neck and shoulders?
  • Have enough air to get through long phrases?
  • Tongue cleanly and quickly?
  • Consistently play in tune?
  • Know the exact flute fingerings (including trills!) to use, every time?

Here's the truth about flute technique

Reed instruments have their own specific techniques. And so does flute.

You, as a doubler, are likely to be awesome at clarinet or saxophone, because that's what you "do".

You also know that you do your job as a reed player well because of years of making your clari or sax techniques a habit. It has all become second nature to you.

Flute, however, is a different beast. (You might have noticed!)

Despite all the similarities, some flute techniques are actually opposite to what you do when you play clarinet or saxophone.

How many differences do you think there are?

A couple of fingerings, and the blowing?

Think again!

There are in fact 17 mistakes just waiting for reed players to make when playing the flute.

Would you like 17 small and smart solutions?

By "small and smart" I mean clearly explained techniques that are specific to the flute, that many reed players don't know about.

Little techniques that result in big changes to your flute playing.

If the answer if yes, read on...

Who am I?

If I sound excited about teaching the flute, it's because I am.

My name is Jane Cavanagh and having travelled the world learning the flute, I now live and teach in my hometown of Sydney, Australia. 

I love the efficiency of knowing how small changes to someone's flute technique makes a huge difference to their playing!

They are skills that I have learned over 22 years of teaching (including 15 years of professional playing) while learning from the best of the best teachers - mostly in Paris (as an adult) and Sydney (as a child).

Learning from some of the world's best flute teachers, I returned home with some "golden nuggets" of flute teaching technique. Read more about that here.

What's in the Flute Technique for Doublers course?

Flute Technique for Doublers was created especially for clarinet and sax players who want to get their flute playing as good as their reed playing.

In a nutshell, this course shows you how to play the flute like a flute player!

Each of the 21 video lessons is short (around 5 minutes) and super clear.

Which means you can start using the new flute technique immediately.

The ACTUAL FLUTE section explains things about the physical flute like:

  • Ever wondered why you constantly sound sharp?
  • What features should you pay for in a flute, and which ones are just expensive gimmicks?
  • How to keep your flute joints smooth, and how to not damage the keywork of the flute!
  • A super quick fix (a free one!) instead of a normally expensive flute repair.

EMBOUCHURE AND TONE are utterly related, so they are in a section together:

  • Why "smiling" is the number 1 mistake that reed players make when playing the flute. Fix this, and it will change everything!
  • The 3 top embouchure mistakes made by reed players. Again, fix these, and your tone will dramatically improve.



POSTURE is more than just "standing up straight". The way you hold every part of your body can contribute to PAIN when you play the flute.

Tension is very very sneaky. Even when you think you have "good posture", chances are you will be holding tension somewhere that you don't even know about! 

Work out where that tension is, and importantly how to get rid of it!

  • Got pain in your shoulders or neck? Your whole body may well be twisted... 
  • Sneaky shoulder tension ruins (and hurts!) everything!!
  • And did you know your right hand thumb shouldn't "hold up the flute"?

You already know that there are flute FINGERINGS that are different to reed instruments. In this section, you learn:

  • The top 3 fingering mistakes that reed players use.
  • An easy way to remember all the top octave fingerings.
  • Why there is no such thing as alternate fingerings on the flute!

The TRILL section clearly explains:

  • How to correctly use the 2 trill keys, resulting in in-tune trills, and a far less confused brain!
  • Plus shows you a free resource to have trill fingerings at your finger tips (literally haha!) 24/7.

You will also get a run-down of the techniques from the Crystal Clear Tonguing course that are important for reed players.

If you do want clearer tonguing on the flute, this lesson will show you how to:

  • Produce crisp, clear, controlled tonguing.
  • Get your tonguing smoother (yet clearer) than you ever thought possible.

Why only $137?

The Flute Teachers School (that's me!) is creating short courses on very specific flute techniques. In other words, how to fix your (or your students') flute playing issues really quickly.

The amount of time that went into creating this course was a LOT! Like, hours and hours.

Which made me realise the serious value of it.

But I still want the course to remain affordable to everyone.

So think of it like this...

I worked out that this course is equivalent to going and taking 14 flute lessons.

At $80 per lesson, you're talking about $1120.


So at $137, this course is like paying only $9.80 per flute lesson.

I think that speaks for itself.

- Prices in US dollars -

Flute Technique for Doublers

Avoid those 17 mistakes, and become as awesome at the flute as you are at the clarinet or saxophone!

Money Back Guarantee

I truly want you to see your own potential as a flute player or teacher. And I believe you will get there...

If you don't see solid improvement in your flute playing, I want you to have your money back.

So at any time within 60 days after purchase, just let me know, and you'll get a refund.


Secrets of good flute playing

I wholeheartedly believe that a student's awesome progress on the flute is about more than saying "You just need to practice more!!"

I thrive on showing flutists how small (and smart) changes to technique makes playing and teaching the flute not only easier, but totally amazing.

This strategy is at the heart of how I teach.

To get access to the Flute Technique for Doublers course, click the orange BUY NOW button.

I would love to show you how to quickly become a much better player - one who is proud and confident of the high level at which they play the flute!

Jane xox

- Prices in US dollars -

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