Want crystal clear tonguing?

Why can some flute players tongue notes with such clarity and precision?

Have you ever wondered why some flute players seem to be able to tongue notes with such clarity and precision?

Well, they are not born being able to do that, let me tell you! (This is good news by the way.)

I know because I teach flute students to tongue with perfect clarity every week...

Do you (or your students) ever struggle to:

  • Tongue with a crisp, clear beginning to the note
  • Make your tongued passages sound smooth and controlled
  • Tongue without a delay to the sound (i.e. without sluggishness!)
  • Coordinate yourself to double or triple tongue



Here's the truth about learning how to tongue clearly

It's very difficult to do something if you've never been shown exactly how to do it.

Likewise, if you're a flute teacher, it's practically impossible to teach a student a skill if you don't remember being taught it yourself! Or worse - maybe you were never actually taught it properly when you were learning as a kid.

That all makes sense, right?

Imagine if you knew the exact techniques (yes, there's more than one!) of tonguing on the flute that would allow you to tongue so precisely, and without sounding sluggish that you suddenly felt in control when playing, or teaching, the flute!

Do you like small, smart solutions?

By that I mean clearly explained tonguing techniques that result in big changes to your own (or your students') playing?

And pretty instant changes too!

If so, good!

Because I created the Crystal Clear Tonguing course especially for people like you.

If you've ever felt at a loss for how to:

  • Turn average tonguing into "clearly awesome" tonguing
  • Change already great tonguing into super precise, super fast, professional standard tonguing
  • Or just know the right way for a beginner to tongue, so they're set up for future success

...this course will be a game changer for you.

Keep reading below for more about getting access...

This is who I am

If I sound excited about teaching the flute, it's because I am.

My name is Jane Cavanagh and having travelled the world learning the flute, I now live and teach in my hometown of Sydney, Australia. That's me right there (when I had super long hair). 

I love the efficiency of knowing how small changes to someone's flute technique makes a huge difference to their playing!

They are skills that I have learned over 22 years of teaching (including 15 years of professional playing) while learning from the best of the best teachers - mostly in Paris (as an adult) and Sydney (as a child).

Learning from some of the world's best flute teachers, I returned home with some "golden nuggets" of flute teaching technique. Read more about that here.

Who are The Flute Teachers School courses for?


If you're a flute teacher and want to learn small, step-by-step techniques which make teaching the flute easier and results in your students sounding fantastic, well, that's exactly what you'll learn.

And if you're interested in having a teaching life that is fulfilling because you are confident in your ability (and your students practice a lot!), this course is for you.


If you're an amateur flute player, and want all the above for yourself, you're in the right place!

And if you teach beginners yourself, everything you learn can be directly applied to them, making you an instantly better teacher too.


Are you a reed player and you double on the flute? Imagine knowing the real technique for playing the flute that will have you light years ahead of other doublers. Get your flute playing really good - finally!


These courses explain absolute beginner technique, in a clear step-by-step way, right through to advanced student techniques, showing you where you'll end up one day!

A common thread of the lessons is that you'll learn why certain techniques work, and why others don't. Perfect for an adult learning the flute.

What's in the Crystal Clear Tonguing course?

In a nutshell, this course teaches you how to tongue cleanly, precisely, and quickly over the whole range of the flute.

Each of the 16 video lessons is short (around 5 minutes) and clear - which means you can start using the "small and smart change" immediately.

The BEGINNER section covers fundamental techniques, like:

  • How a correct embouchure is critical for leading on to correct tonguing.
  • The 4 Steps of Good Basic Tonguing, which shows adult beginners and their teachers the exact placement of the tongue, breath control, and mechanism of correct tonguing.
  • Whether tonguing should be said as "daaaa" or "taaaa". What's the difference, and which one you should be doing.
  • Got a student who tongues weirdly? Or perhaps you're aware that you're tonguing not quite right yourself? There are 6 demonstrations of what tonguing in the wrong way sounds like, and how to fix each one.
  • How to change tongued passages into more "professional" sounding legato tonguing.
  • Sick of sluggish tonguing? There's a clear exercise on how to make the starts of notes much clearer.

In (another) nutshell, this BEGINNER section is not just for beginners. It's for any flute player who would just like to have clearer tonguing.

And it's for teachers who don't necessarily remember (or know) how to teach good tonguing technique.

The ADVANCED section is included in the course and is not for beginners.

It is for people who can already play the flute and for teachers who want their students to begin excelling.

  • There is a whole section on teaching clear, even and fast double and triple tonguing.
  • And crazy, but you learn that the position of where you tongue notes (inside your mouth) changes (or should change!) as you play over the whole range of the flute.
  • A strange concept (that makes for very finely tuned clarity in tongued notes, especially staccato ones) is that you can "tongue" or not tongue the ends of notes. Weird I know. But just wait and hear the results!
  • And as an extended technique, that for many players will just remain as a cool part trick (and why not have a party trick up your sleeve?!), I teach you how to flutter tongue. You'll learn it in a way that's clearer than what you'd expect.

Why only $97?

The Flute Teachers School (that's me!) is creating short courses on very specific flute techniques. In other words, how to fix your (or your students') flute playing issues really quickly.

The amount of time that went into creating this course was a LOT! Like, hours and hours.

Which made me realise the serious value of it.

But I still want the course to remain affordable to everyone...

So think of it like this: The course is equivalent to going and taking at least 10 flute lessons.

And that is only $9.70 per flute lesson!

- Prices in US dollars -

Crystal Clear Tonguing

This course does exactly that! Shows you how to get crystal clear, precise, quick tonguing, which feels easy and controlled.

Money Back Guarantee

I truly want you to see your own potential as a flute player or teacher. And I believe you will get there...

If you don't see solid improvement in your flute playing, I want you to have your money back.

So at any time within 60 days after purchase, just let me know, and you'll get a refund.


Secrets of good flute playing

I wholeheartedly believe that a student's awesome progress on the flute is about more than saying "You just need to practice more!!"

I thrive on showing flutists how small (and smart) changes to technique makes playing and teaching the flute not only easier, but totally amazing.

This strategy is at the heart of how I teach.

To get access to the Crystal Clear Tonguing course, click the orange GET ACCESS NOW button.

I would love to show you how to quickly become a much better flute player - one who plays with crystal clear, precise tonguing.

Jane xox

- Prices in US dollars -