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Where are you from in the world

Where are you from in the world?

Feb 03, 2020

Last week it was Australia Day here 🐨, which got me thinking...

I wonder where YOU are from in the world!

So I made a fun little challenge for you so you can let me know...

Watch this 90 second video to find out more

Can't wait to hear back from you!

The cool thing about running my business online is that I have flute students, literally all over the world. I have students in the flute academy from so many different countries and people who have done the free mini-course from all over the world as well. And I'm really curious to see where you are from. Last week, it was Australia day so I made sure I have Australian flowers and an Australian animal. That's a Wombat. And I have a challenge for you. I'd love you to grab your phone or your computer and record yourself playing a piece that's from your country. So either your national Anthem or a piece that's really associated with your country. Email it to me and let me know which country you live in. Here's a tip by the way, do an audio recording, not a video recording, cuz the file's too big to send normally when it's a video. So if you grab your phone or your computer and you find a voice MIMO app or a voice recorder app, and just record the audio of yourself playing. Email it to me at [email protected] And let me know what the piece is and what country you're from.

My version for you is the National Anthem of Australia. It is not the most exciting melody. It goes like this. That's the little abridged version. So send me a short melody. The shorter, the better, because the easier it will be to send via email. So hope you're having a wonderful start to 2020 and good luck with your flute playing this year. See you.

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