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How to Quickly Improve Your Tone on the Flute

Aug 16, 2017

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Welcome to How to Quickly Improve Your Tone on the Flute!

In this course, you're going to learn 3 little techniques - tiny little techniques, that literally transform your sound on the flute into a tone that is clear, fluff-free and resonant.

I'm Jane, and I love the efficiency of showing someone how tiny little changes like these ones can massively improve someone's flute playing.

These techniques are skills that I've learned over the last 22 years. All while teaching the flute professionally and playing professionally, as well as learning from the best of the best flute teachers around the world.

By the end of this mini-course, you'll know 3 little embouchure tricks that instantly clear up your sound.

The cool thing is that once you know these little tricks (that are real techniques by the way!), you'll have a lot more air and you'll be able to play longer phrases.

I'm also going to tell you an amazing flute playing secret that all incredible flute players use when they play, but I so rarely see it ever taught.

The whole mini-course is designed for you to be able to complete in 3 days or less.

How to Quickly Improve Your Tone on the Flute is specifically designed for anybody who can make a sound on the flute, and who wants to have a clearer, stronger, more resonant sound when they play. So anyone from absolute beginners to advanced players, will benefit from this course.

I've made the course FREE because there are so many good flute techniques, specific to tone, that I've learned over the years. They're honestly just too good to not share!

And I get something out of it too.

I get emailed all the time by people that say things like this:

"Dear Jane, one 5 minute video has cleared up 45 years of confusion and frustration and my feelings of gratitude are enormous. Thank you a thousand times."

Seriously, I love getting these emails!!

I do hope to see you inside the course.


Join me in the free mini-course here:

Faster Progress Through Proper Technique ™

Learn how making the right tiny adjustments to your flute playing accelerates your progress.

Come and join Jane in The Flute Academy to transform your flute playing - one clever tweak at a time!

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