Crystal Clear Tonguing $97

A Step by Step guide to show you how to easily tongue notes with precision and clarity.

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The Magic Tone Exercise $97

Learn the full tone exercise that gives professional flute players their clear and vibrant sound.

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Flute Technique for Doublers $137

Find out how to avoid the 17 mistakes commonly made by reed players when playing the flute.

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Getting Control of Your Octaves $117

Learn the tiny skill that gives you complete control over your embouchure!

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How to Teach an Absolute Beginner $217

How to Teach an Absolute Beginner: Their First 10 Lessons.  Setting up a beginner for total future success!

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Lightning Fast Fingers

Learn the 5 specific techniques which speed up your slow fingers, making them LIGHT, QUICK and AGILE.

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The Secrets of Being Your Own Flute Teacher $147

20 short but powerful lessons giving you the REAL reasons (and solutions) why learning the flute sometimes feels...

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Get access to ALL The Flute Teachers School courses. Learn for as long as you like. Cancel anytime.

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