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The Magic Tone Exercise

Learn the tone exercise that gives professional flute players their clear and vibrant sound.

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Lightning Fast Fingers

A STEP BY STEP COURSE to transform your slow and clunky fingers into being LIGHT, QUICK and AGILE.

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Getting Control of Your Octaves

Learn the tiny skill that gives you complete control over your embouchure

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Crystal Clear Tonguing

A Step by Step Guide to show you how to easily get precision and clarity in your flute tonguing.

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Flute Technique for Doublers

Learn how to avoid the 17 common mistakes that reed players make when playing the flute.

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The Secrets of Being Your Own Flute Teacher

If you teach yourself the flute, half the challenge is mental. Learn the total fundamentals of what it takes to THINK for success.

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How to Teach an Absolute Beginner

Are you 100% sure you're teaching a beginner EVERYTHING they need to know? Learn how to set them up for a lifetime of good playing habits.

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How to Quickly Improve Your Tone

Learn the tiny but exact adjustments to your playing that instantly transform your sound on the flute!




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