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NEW MINI COURSE: How to easily play high notes

NEW MINI COURSE: How to easily play high notes on the flute

May 25, 2020

Hello from Sydney, where we are still semi-locked-down.

How to easily play high notes on the flute

With all this time at home, I've created a brand new mini-course for you!

It's called How to Easily Play High Notes on the Flute, and it's yours to do for free. Watch the 3-minute video above and I'll tell you there how to register.

Honestly - you're going to want to do this mini-course...

This time in lock-down has been good for my creativity (which you benefit from because you end up with this really good mini-course!)


Jane xx

Easily play high notes on the flute with this embouchure trick

Hey, I just wanted to say hi from lockdown in Sydney. I wanted to tell you what I've been up to because I've got 2 really good things in the pipeline for you. Okay. I just finished like literally just then finished recording a new 3-day mini-course on easily playing high notes on the flute. In this mini-course, I teach you how to identify which of the 3 ways of playing high notes, you are doing.

Two of those ways are not good. And you're going to get high notes that are loud, sharp, thin sound, running out of air, no control out of them.

And one of those ways which I teach you to do in the mini-course, by the way, gets you higher notes that are softer, sweeter, way more in control. Uses less air and stops you fatiguing in your mouth when you play.

Being able to play longer notes on the flute, in one breath

So it means you have more stamina when you're playing. The best thing about playing in this good way is that you have control of playing, control jumping around between high notes, middle notes, low notes, and everything in between, which is great because it makes you sound fantastic.

And the second reason it's great is because having that control over your playing gives you the ability to express yourself much more freely. And I love fast-tracking your way to musical self-expression. That's one of the things I love doing in my business. I'll tell you where to enrol in that in just a second.

The new Flute Academy

But the other thing that I'm super excited about is,  I have been, I have been working on creating the second version of The Flute Academy. If you missed out on joining me in The Flute Academy a few weeks ago, do not worry because July, we're gonna open again and we're gonna have a brand new version of The Flute Academy.

I'm spending this lockdown time, really drilling down to the absolute fundamental techniques that you need to accelerate your playing and your progress. So very, very, very incremental and step by step.

If you're a total beginner on the flute, this is not for you. If you can already play the flute, you do not have to be an expert by any means, but if you can play the flute, if you know the notes, you can get a good sound. You play a  few pieces. This is for you up to advanced level.

Exact flute exercises

The second version of the flute academy is going to be full of exact exercises for you to do each step of along the way so that you know exactly how and what to practice. If you are already in my flute academy and I am so happy to have you there, you get this for free. In July when it's released, you will get this for free included with the current flute academy lessons.

Learn how to play higher notes more easily on the flute

Now back to the mini course, 3 days free it's for you.  Go to That's the first time I've said that URL. That's why I was a little bit slow at getting that out: There we go. That was much more smooth. If you go there, you can enter your email address and you automatically get this minicourse. Cool. Hope to see you there. Bye.

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